Rakhi is blessed with healing hands

I was fortunate enough to have had such a divine experience through her reflexology therapy. Keep healing people inside out and continue to touch many more lives with your divine soul

Anjali Khatri

Artist and Social Crusader


On first treatment I was nervous about a healing crisis and what blockages I may have but meeting Rakhi, her positive, kind and warm energy made me felt at ease.  

Rakhi explained everything clearly, calmly and I felt reassured I was getting the best that the practice could offer. I felt cared for after each treatment.

My health improved and symptoms not only disappeared, but I felt more motivated to make changes to improve my quality of life and slow down. I enjoy more quality experiences in all areas of my life, and have made changes that will improve my life and those I love long term.

Gillian Howdan



Rakhi has the best healing hands. She is made for Reflexology and it seems a very natural thing for her to do these holistic therapies . She has a calmness about her which just flows through her hands.

Her Reflexology treatments are very energising, but at the same time very calming.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift that you have with me. I’m sure that your healing hands will help many people.

Nina Chawda



I have had many sessions of reflexology in the past from other therapists before Rakhi but none of them were able to sort out my issue, I am glad and deeply thankful to Rakhi for curing my aches within 3 sessions. It was a very pleasant and professional experience.

Gratitude! keep doing well and keep curing mankind.

 Sameer Khatri 

Regional director – Indian subcontinent and MD ( INDIA)
DSV Air and Sea Pvt. Ltd.


Rakhi is a wonderful lady with some very special energy around her. I always feel confident and safe with her. She puts her soul in every treatment she does and I always have a remarkable outcome after being treated by her. She is a very special soul in this world. Highly recommended!

Agnese Rikmane 

Holistic Therapist


I enjoy reflexology with Rakhi. She really is one of the best. The atmosphere from lighting to decoration puts you in a very relaxed mood. I have had reflexology sessions many times before healing tree but this place offers you the culture of calmness and an amazing experience.

Rakhi is a very skilled, calm and knowledgeable about reflexology and I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to experience a great session. Thank you very much, Rakhi!

 Nurcan Milner
 Personal Trainer

Wow, where do I begin to sing my praises of reflexology?  For starters, there’s my reflexologist, Rakhi.  A truly gifted reflexologist, she has healing hands and genuinely cares about her clients and the benefits that reflexology can bring to her clients lives.  Rakhi begins a session with a review of the client’s overall health, paying close attention to any particularly troublesome areas of the body, and works on the corresponding reflex areas on the feet.  Then, using a combination of reflexology skills, crystals ,soothing oils and Visualization, she helps restore the body to a more balanced state of well being.
Without question, I leave each reflexology visit feeling as if my whole body has been de-stressed and rebalanced.  My reflexology sessions have been wonderfully soothing and relaxing experiences.
Business Owner & Eneterpeneur