Reiki Healing

Reiki and Seichem Healing ( Energy healing )

Reiki and Seichem (RASA) which is a new form of treatment that uses the powerful  Reiki healing energy ( earth energy ) along with Seichem  ( Water, Fire and Air  ). They all come from the same source – universal energy and light . This form of healing activates the healing rays of all the elements joined together and allows them to be channelled through the therapist  to clear any negative blockages in any area of your  life- physical, emotional,mental or spiritual .

Healing Hands

Reiki and Seichem is a natural non-invasive system of healing. It is completely safe to use after surgery and also for babies, pregnant women and the elderly. It is a holistic system that can help us to move through blockages that prevent our lives from flowing smoothly. The energies enhance our natural ability to heal ourselves at all levels. Reiki and Seichem have no association with religion, faith or belief systems so can be received by anyone who is willing to be healed.

Reiki and Seichem ( Energy healing )

  • Initial Consultation and treatment – £70 ( 75 mins )
  • Follow up treatment – £60 ( 60 mins)


  • 3 Treatment Sessions – £150

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