Pregnancy, Preparation for labour and Postnatal Reflexology

Reflexology has been used for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood for as long as humans have understood the therapeutic benefit of loving touch (Holt et al 2009). Reflexology assists in re-balancing the mind/body connection – enabling the recipient to regain homeostasis (Tiran 2010). Hence, whether you are pregnant or have just given birth, Reflexology helps in healing your body, mind and soul in such a way that you feel nurtured, empowered and absolutely ready to regain the charge of your complete well-being in order to deal with the increased demands and responsibilities that come along with being pregnant or being a ‘mother’.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in a women’s life but sometimes,  it also brings some unwanted changes in the body. The changes in hormones and their actions on the body can have different effects on each woman.  Reflexology may help manage some of these effects, including the emotional effects too to help you enjoy this phase of your life.

Some of the benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology  :

Reflexology helps with morning sickness and nausea as well.

Reflexology helps with the high levels of fatigue and exhaustion felt in the first and third trimester

Reflexology helps with constipation and bloating

Reflexology helps with muscles aches, head aches and pains specially neck , shoulder , back ache and pelvic girdle pain which is common in pregnancy.

Reflexology can also help to revive your legs and prevents issues like plantar fasciitis, oedema  (swollen legs and ankles).

Reflexology can be beneficial to reduce the risk of Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy and reduce the symptoms in those who already have it.

Reflexology aids in having a better sleep during pregnancy.

Reflexology can help in reducing stress, fear, anxiety and mood swings that happen during pregnancy.

Preparation for labour Reflexology

Reflexology helps with labour and birth preparations by promoting timely labour and reducing the need for medical induction as well as by learning relaxation techniques helpful during labour and birth. It helps to make the body ready for the arrival of your newborn and helps to shorten the birthing process by helping both the mother and the baby to relax.

Suitable from 37 weeks, during the session, you get a full reflexology treatment, followed by stimulating reflexes in the feet for the hormones to change them ready for labour, the cervix reflex to encourage it to efface and dilate. Even if reflexology didn’t start your labour and due to circumstances out of your control, you were to have a medical induction. It may be a faster labour and the induction may work better due to your body being far more ready than if you hadn’t had reflexology.
I prefer to book 3 treatment sessions , booked in your 37, 38, 39 or 40th weeks to benefit the most from the treatments.

Postnatal/ Post birth Reflexology

The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect — depression. Most new moms experience postpartum “baby blues” after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks -Mayo Clinic

Post natal Reflexology helps a lot of women to start feeling like themselves again after the birth of their new born.  Childbirth is an exhaustive process and takes a lot out of a women and Reflexology provides that space and healing environment to a new mum where she can start rebuilding her strength and start to feel nurtured and supported. It also helps to manage the feelings associated with postpartum depression, feeling low on energy, fatigued, tired, anxious etc.

It can be given as soon as you are back home from the hospital or are recommended to drive by your midwife. You can bring your baby with you and you are welcome to feed your baby or just have a cuddle during the treatment.

Reflexology for Pregnancy/ Maternity Reflexology, Preparation for Labour/ Priming for Labour, Postnatal Reflexology with Crystal healing 

  • Initial Consultation and treatment – £80( 60-75 mins)
  • Follow up treatment – £70 (60 mins)


  • 6 Treatment Sessions – £350 ( buy 5 get 1 free )

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