All our massage body work therapy treatments are personalised and tailored to your unique requirements and needs.

Full Body Swedish massage

The various Swedish massage techniques like deep kneading, stimulating percussion, friction and vibrations are designed to improve your circulation, remove the toxins, tone and relax your tired muscles , soothe your nervous system and make you feel like a fresh new you. Swedish massage uses softer strokes on the bonier and more delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes where there is thicker muscle coverage. This adjustment of pressure makes it an ideal massage for rejuvenation and relaxation. Besides the calming benefits, Swedish massage is thought to be good for:

  • easing muscular strain by flushing out toxins
  • improving circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood
  • helping to keep ligaments and tendons supple esp. in the arms and legs
  • reducing stress- emotional and physical 
  • neck, back and shoulder pain
  • improving sleep and a  feeling of well being and deep relaxation


Bamboo Massage 

Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy is the latest treatment to take the West by storm. It’s unique, highly beneficial and a fun treatment. Bamboo symbolizes suppleness and resilience, straightforwardness and simplicity. It is also believed to be “the good luck plant”.                                                                                           IMG

Warm bamboo massage is carried out on the whole body including the face. It involves the use of warmed bamboo tools of varying lengths and diameter to roll, knead and relax muscles with numerous deep tissue and acupressure techniques. While increasing the circulation and improving lymphatic drainage it eases the sore muscles and promotes relaxation.


Advanced Deep Tissue Massage 

As the name suggests, Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that works on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage uses slower and firmer strokes and pressure than other treatments to ease and release deep tension stored in the muscles and fascia of the body. The therapist uses advance techniques and deep finger pressure to concentrate on particular sore areas, and follows or goes across the fibres of muscles and tendons.

Deep tissue massage is often used to treat people who are recovering from accidents, and for sports injuries as it increases blood circulation in muscles that are underused, relieves chronic muscle tension throughout the body, and can also break down scar tissue and “knots” deep in the muscles. It’s aimed at helping to relieve muscular issues and not for relaxation.


Hot Stone Massage 

If you’re looking for a stress-busting treatment designed to relax and unwind, there’s nothing better than a hot stone massage. Well known for its ability to soothe both mind and body, the hot stone massage is a deep massage that uses soothing oils, warm basalt and sometimes cold marble stones to relax your muscles. Hot stones also increase your sense of total well-being, relaxation and calm. They are coated in fragrant oil which is smoothed gently onto your body, and each stone in turn is worked by your therapist’s hands.

Hot stone massage is said to have health benefits for people with:

  • muscular pain
  • poor circulation
  • rheumatic and arthritic conditions
  • fibromyalgia
  • back pain
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • anxiety and depression.