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Hi! I am Rakhi and I am a certified Reflexologist and a full member of Association of Reflexologists (MAR).  I have been practising Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama for the past 20 years ever since I came in touch with my first Guru at a young age.

My Journey into healing therapies started in an effort to help my father lead a better quality of life and bring some moments of happiness, peace and joy while he was struggling to cope with total renal failure.

I have personally witnessed and experienced the positive effects that Reflexology, Crystal Healing and other healing therapies have had on me, my family and friends. As a result, I started to share and offer these amazing and life transforming therapies to my clients.

I  had the wonderful experience of working with the prestigious and renowned Champneys spa resort in Tring, Hertfordshire as a Reflexologist, spiritual healer and body work therapist. I have also worked at Harpenden in the award winning Spa and Fitness Centre, Breathing space http://breathingspacespa.co.uk/ and at Clarity Yoga Shala http://www.clarity.yoga/ in St. Albans , offering a range of different treatments.

I presently provide my holistic treatments and from my Integrated Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hemel Hempstead including Reflexology, Reflexology for Conception and Repro Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology and Postnatal Reflexology, Baby & Toddler Reflexology, Reflexology for Lymph Drainage  and Hot Stone Reflexology .

I also Provide Crystal Healing and Chakra balancing , Past Life Regression, NLP, Reiki & Seichem energy healing, Massage-( Full body swedish massage, deep tissue massage, bamboo, Indian Head Massage and hot stone massage), Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure in a calm, comfortable and relaxing environment. I combine the different healing therapies to create an atmosphere of complete peace so that my clients can experience deep relaxation and can benefit from the positive effects of the treatment and as a result lead a stress free life.

I have done my Masters in Psychology and  have qualified as a Reflexologist with distinction from Gloucestershire College in Cheltenham and did my training in Acupressure from National Institue of Acupressure, Research, Training and Treatment  in India. I have also qualified with distinction from  Champneys College in Tring for  ITEC Massage therapy .

As part of my continuos professional development , I have done my further education and trainings in Reflexology under the tutelage of some very prestigious Reflexology teachers :

Sally Earlam , author of the Reflexology book, ‘Supporting your client through the conception and maternity journey’ and Head of Training and Education for the Association of Reflexologists, for both Maternity ( pregnancy reflexology ) and Conception courses.

Barbara Scott, who is well known for her work in the area of  Fertiilty and Reflexology and author of the very popular book ,’ Reflexology for Fertility’ for Reproductive reflexology courses – part 1 and 2

Sally Kay, another famous figure who has done research in helping cancer patients with lymphedema and has helped so many people with auto immune disease by providing Lymphatic drainage Reflexology which I had the priviledge to train in.

Being a holistic therapist, I believe that human body is an intricate web of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies at play. So, I also endeavour to grow spiritually myself and further my education in understanding the body energetics in causing disease and how to bring balance and harmony back through other alternative therapies.

As a result, I have done my Practitioners course in NLP from the world famous Dr. Richard Bandler, who is well known for changing self sabotaging behaviour patterns and has written many books on self- help.

I have also done my Crystal healing course under the famous Crystal healer, Philip Permutt, “Britain’s leading crystal expert” (Daily Mail).

I am also a certified Master of Reiki & Seichem energy healing , Yoga and Meditation teacher and  I believe in incorporating the values and skills learnt on my self discovery  journey to my treatments.

I believe that the journey to total well-being starts by taking just one step and I would be very happy if I can help you to take that first step towards your complete well-being.

So in short, I am primarily a Reflexologist but I am also a Holistic Therapist and do the following therapies along with Reflexology like Reiki, Crystal healing, NLP, Past life healing, Massage, Yoga and Meditation in order to give the best treatments to my clients.


What is Reflexology?

healing tree

Reflexology is a natural, non- invasive, gentle foot massage , it’s a healing therapy which involves working on reflexes and pressure points which correspond to different parts of the body in order to restore balance in the body.

The theory behind reflexology is that when we become ill, the natural flow of energy in our body gets distorted and this stagnation of energy flow leads to disease.

Reflexology aims to locate these blocked zones and clears the channels of energy flow by assisting in activating body’s own healing mechanism, thus restoring balance.

We at Healing Tree Reflexology in Hemel Hempstead aim to bring back  this natural state of balance back in your life through this gentle yet very powerful foot massage treatment which induces a state of deep relaxation, thus activating your para-sympathetic nervous system which helps to calm our nervous system and body.


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Rakhi is blessed with healing hands

I was fortunate enough to have had such a divine experience through her reflexology therapy. Keep healing people inside out and continue to touch many more lives with your divine soul

Anjali Khatri

Artist and Social Crusader


On first treatment I was nervous about a healing crisis and what blockages I may have but meeting Rakhi, her positive, kind and warm energy made me felt at ease.  

Rakhi explained everything clearly, calmly and I felt reassured I was getting the best that the practice could offer. I felt cared for after each treatment.

My health improved and symptoms not only disappeared, but I felt more motivated to make changes to improve my quality of life and slow down. I enjoy more quality experiences in all areas of my life, and have made changes that will improve my life and those I love long term.

Gillian Howdan

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